Fauna Foundation Sanctuary Speaker

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Mary Lee Jensvold, Primate Communication Scientist

Anthony Issa
Staff Writer

On November 2nd, the Information and Library Technologies Program invites you to meet Mary Lee Jensvold, a guest speaker and scientist from the Fauna Foundation Chimpanzee Sanctuary. This sanctuary is a non-profit Canadian natural reserve that provides a safe haven for neglected and abused animals, but primarily research chimpanzees. Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold is a Primate Communication Scientist who specializes in ethological studies of apes, animal intelligence, communication, language, and culture. Since 1986, she has been working with chimpanzees and has been providing them proper care so that they can return to living healthy lives once again. On top of being a Senior Lecturer at Central Washington University, she is also on the board of the Animal Welfare Institute, and Friends of Washoe, with the goal of protecting chimpanzees both as species and as individuals with rights.
She will provide a lecture at John Abbott College and give a better understanding of animals, including the ethical responsibility we have for them. The event is open to everyone, and will provide an interesting commentary in this field of anthropology. It will be held in HO-107 on Friday, November 2nd at 1:30 p.m. Vegan-friendly snacks will be served. We hope to see you there!
For those who are interested in donating to this foundation or who are simply curious and want to learn more about the Sanctuary, you can visit the website at: www.faunafoundation.org


Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 04 on October 24, 2018