Getting Involved at School

Providing More Than Just Opportunities For Socializing


Marc-Andre Lavigne
Assistant-Production Manager

You might have heard some people talking about a number of clubs at the college – G.A.L.A, M.S.A., FEMclub or Anime Club. You might be a new, or a returning student and joining a club may seem tempting to you, but a look at your schedule has you questioning whether joining a club is a good idea. Well, here are a few things that might change your mind.

Did you know that getting involved in school could help you get a better average in your classes? The general average of students at JAC is currently 75%. In the case of students in sports, clubs, etc, they have a general average of 79%. Now some might say that for 4%, clubs don’t contribute that much to your academic success, but remember that you can fail a class by missing only 1% on your final grade. The increased success could be explained by one’s positive perception surrounding the environment of the school. If you like your school, you tend to do better in your classes.

Of course, one major thing that clubs provide is an ideal environment for socializing with people who share common interests. You decide to join the Robotics club? Well I am pretty sure you are going to meet someone who shares interests with you and from there the chance at long-lasting friendships! Also, you have a greater chance of staying in contact with them then with some guy or girl you met in a French class who you’re never going to have another course with.

Another benefit of joining clubs is the opportunity to improve your time management skills. There is nothing better to help you with that than having to schedule two evenings for club meetings and plan how you are going to get your homework and everything else done.

Clubs and associations are a great thing, and it is fun to feel as though your efforts contribute to your school environment. For that, there is the Student Involvement Recognition Program (SIR). This program is designed for people who participate in extra-curricular activities. If you need further information on the matter, you can get a pamphlet in Student Activities, just talk to Jasmyn Jin.

Now, some of you have heard about the clubs but have no idea where the clubs are located. Here are a few instructions on how you can reach the club room or club members. If you want to go to Gamers club, Anime Club, Muslim Student Association (MSA), Bandersnatch or G.A.L.A club rooms, you can find them in the hallway right in front of the door of the Oval Cafeteria in Herzberg basement. For any other club, you will find them in Herzberg basement in the hallway accessible from the door right in front of the hallway leading to Penfield (corner Herzberg and Penfield). More specified and varied information about clubs can be found on the news feed on Omnivox, as well as in the Student Activities Office.

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