Noémi Blom
Office Manager

This show follows the life of an early twenty-year-old girl named Sophia who can’t keep a job. She’s just tired of being pushed around and not being able to do things her own way; so she finds inspiration on eBay and starts her own business. As her company grows, she faces multiple ups and downs, both in her personal and professional life. She doesn’t gain the trust of her father, but she does gain a boyfriend; gets into a fight with her best friend; and, of course, needs medical attention. I fell in love with this show because it is so inspirational. I’m the type of person who always stays in her comfort zone, who never dares to do anything rebellious. But Sophia, also known as Nasty Gal, goes out of her way, finds brilliant and creative solutions to her problems and isn’t afraid of anything (most of the time). Stubborn as everyone can be sometimes, we follow Sophia through her process of recognizing her mistakes and finding a way to fix them, a process everybody can relate to. Her bubbly personality also caught my attention. Her impulses and life decisions were sometimes so out-of-the-blue that they surprised me. Sleeping on a pile of money? Why not! This show made me feel everything from betrayal to feeling like I could rule the world. From becoming friends with your enemies to facing your fear of bridges, this Girl Boss shows us the way to do it!

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