Go Bald or Go Home

Leucan Fundraiser for Cancer

by Maria Jose Salcedo
Campus Life Editor

On Monday November 24th 2015, a group of ten students shaved their heads in support of Leucan.
The mission of this organization is to “promote the recovery and the well-being of cancer stricken children and to support their families by providing distinctive and tailored services and assistance through every stage of cancer and its side-effects”. The collected hair and donations will go to the production of wigs for cancer-stricken children, who are aged range of 12 and up and are undergoing treatments.

The natural hair wigs are made specially to fit the child’s needs. According to Stéphanie Guindon, a child member of Leucan: “It’s a good morale booster; it gives you the feeling of being like everyone else.”

Dylan Masson, participant. Photo courtesy of JAC Student Activities

Dylan Masson, one of the participants, shared his thoughts about the reason why he shaved his head: “Cancer affects so many people, whether you’ve lost a loved one or a friend, everyone has been affected by the terrible disease. I don’t think that anyone should lose their life to cancer, especially not children. I chose to shave my head as oppose to just donating money because I believe it inspires change. I think that anyone who donated money did more than enough to help out, but I also wanted to go the next step and shave my head. Any time a friend does something like this it inspires others to make a difference as well and my intention was to do just that”. Thanks to those students and their selfless actions, children and their families of Leucan program will have a brighter future.

If interested in volunteering or organizing a fundraiser for cancer, visit the Leucan webpage for more detailed information.

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