Grammy’s Fashion: Worst and Best Dressed

Isabelle Ede

Sustainability Editor

The Grammys are one of the four award shows that make the EGOT (Emmys, Grammys, Oscar,and Tony Awards), but all I care about is the fashion on the red carpet! 

The best dressed and the worst dressed will be mentioned, but keep in mind this is just my opinion and I encourage you to think for yourself. As I am sure you have heard, Cardi B has received a lot of praise for her stunning geometrical blue gown. While it is quite gorgeous, I am a sucker for some classic Vivienne Westwood, may she rest in peace. Temilade Openiyi or better known as Tems, a Nigerian singer wore a beautiful yellow satin dress with a hint of delicate detailing around her right arm and neck where some white beads hung. The added beads in her hair is the cherry-on-top to the best Grammys 2023 outfit. Onto the worst, it was harder to pick a singular bad outfit. Its almost an obvious choice to pick Black Chyna, and if you google her Grammy outfit right now, you’d understand. However, if there is one thing, I hate more than feathers, it’s the fake-feathers-look. Kacey Musgraves in Valentino made me physically cringe. When I looked at her, I was overwhelmed by the frivolity that is the baby pink cheap feather boa cape she wore. The rest of the outfit is being swallowed by the cape, I can’t think. 

All these outfits can be found on, an article entitled: Grammys 2023 Red Carpet: All the Fashion, Outfits and Looks.