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Media scandal arose in the most recent American democratic debates. A clip of candidates Sanders and Warren not shaking hands went viral as media depicted the video as a heated moment of dispute.

The clip shows all candidates leaving their stand to shake hands after the post-debate. Sanders is seen moving to Warren stretching out his hand but Warren abruptly refusing the gesture and closely saying something to him with reserved body language. While unclear what was said, it seemed harsh words were communicated as they both walked away from one another with no formality.

The feud was reportedly based over the comments made by Warren claiming that Sanders, a senator with a long history of defending worker rights and women rights, had made a comment privately in a conversation with her stating that he did not believe a woman could run for president of the United States. Candidate Sanders disagreed with her statement and rebutted that he’d been supportive of a woman presidency since the 80s. An old interview clip from the cable channel C-span in which Bernie openly pronounces his view that women and people of color could and should run for presidency made a resurgence quickly after his statement.

Currently and in the past, they have often formed as a team to debate their progressive views in policy proposals against criticism. Both candidates have a long history and friendship together in office. Media outlets such as CNN, New York Times and social media have taken the viral clip and analysed it as the opposing candidates breaking their long years of support and becoming spiteful rivals. Supporters of Bernie’s candidacy see Warren as a backstabbing traitor while supporters on Warren’s side see Sanders as a misogynist.

However, after the video was realised and the online community made their judgements, it seems that this feud has come to a short end. Warren and Sanders have followed the scandal by openly saying that they are still friends and will continue to work together: “Elizabeth Warren is a very good friend of mine,” Mr. Sanders, of Vermont, said. “We have worked together in the Senate for years. Elizabeth Warren and I will continue to work together, we will debate the issues.” (NY times).

In the end, it seems the feud was never really anything more than media blowout taking the clip and blowing it out of proportion. As well, a new clip of the two candidates has appeared this week this time with the two of them shaking hands at the Zion Baptist Church as they link arms during the march in honor of Martin Luther King jr..

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 08 on January 29th, 2020

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