Happy Women’s History Month!

Isabelle Ede

Sustainability Editor

After a rather short Black History Month, March is Women’s History Month. Shout out to all the black women out there. Make sure you get the praise you deserve for these two months! While the intention for these two months dealing with a different social injustice, the goal is the same; to bring awareness to that discriminated group. If you are asking yourself, “How can help these women?” Start by paying more attention to the women in your life. Ask about their experiences as a woman. There is a lot to unpack. The act of simply listening can help to create a safe space. Do not be afraid to ask questions, this is a safe space for the speaker, but the listener cannot fully educate themselves unless they voice their concerns. Educating oneself is the key. The internet, while not always being a great reliable research tool, does have some significant content. When it comes to a subject as grand as social injustice, especially for women, listening to more opinions might be the best way to widen your horizons. You should look up important women in history and their contributions to society that might have been shadowed by men. Learning names and dates isn’t beneficial, understand the pattern of oppression and learn to discern it in a modern context. As mentioned earlier, these months are meant to focus on awareness and appreciation for the discriminated group. However, anybody who truly cares for the cause will make sure to continue their efforts to secure justice throughout the year. Even if Women’s History Month is ending, women keep on living and unfortunately, so does oppression.

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