Defne Veral
Campus Life Editor

Sh*t, that’s deep. I guess I have. I don’t know… When you’re with someone, you feel something, right? But relationships change and you feel something different. And… you feel something, but it’s never the same. So yes, I’ve been in love. But have I been in, how do you say, real love? True love? I don’t know…
Julio, 20

Yeah.. it was messy. It was good though like, man. I mean… we had really good sex. Especially, since I’m trans you know, finding someone who knows what they’re doing and understands that there are certain things you need to do to be comfortable. You need someone who’s open and understands all that stuff. Keenen, 19

Yeah, it sucked… It was fun for eight months and when it’s was done, it was the worst three months of my life. So don’t fall in love unless you plan on getting married to that person, cause break-ups suck.
Nick, 17

Oof! I mean I am right now…It’s hard to explain love I guess. It’s just nice to know that you have somebody who always has your back. That’s the main thing. Jessica, 19

I’ve never been in love but I guess I’ve had some close feelings with people. It never evolved into anything, but it was nice to feel that closeness with somebody… that connection, you know?
Sikander, 18

Oh my God, sh*t… it was absolute a**! It was terrible I hated it. During… it’s really good, and you feel really great. It’s like you’re on a high almost. And when it ends… it just sucks.
Christina, 17

Oof…Yikes. Not really in love… but I have been really attached to some people and it was always good. Like that feeling when you see them… it just makes you happy inside and stuff like that…
Nicholas, 18

I haven’t… so I don’t actually know. But I guess it’s supposed to feel good?
Khala, 17

I fell in love in high school. I had a highschool sweetheart. But then we broke up because I didn’t love her anymore. It felt really good while I was in the relationship, but after that… it just kinda died. It was weird… it just died. Didn’t feel right.

I believe I have been, and it’s a weird feeling to describe. I feel like you know when it happens. And I also feel like you can fall in love many times. It’s not restricted to one time.
Olivier, 18

Um… yes. It’s horrible and complicated. When you’re in love it’s all about your feelings instead of your logic, so….
Gabriella, 18

Umm… yes. It wasn’t a good experience. The person I was in love with treated me really badly. It was like I was being led on.. so, when I couldn’t take it anymore I just left, and it was really hard. It took me a long time to get over.
Anonymous, 18

It was good at first but then it didn’t end well. I mean, it makes me be a bit scared of future relationships…
Dan, 17

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