Heaven’s Courtroom

Image Source: Flickr

Jade Pantaleon

The time has been settled, the date has been set,
The books shall be opened, required will be your debt.
The just Judge is coming and will not delay,
How would you fare on Judgement Day?

The Judge has set His 10 Commandments in stone,
Look in the mirror of His Law, that your sinfulness may be made known.
His holiness revealed in His law, He has spoken:
“Thou shall” and “Thou shall not”, all of these you’ve broken!

Your God you have not worshipped, you’ve exchanged Him for idols,
Him you have hated, and His wrath you have bridled.
Sinful soul, you must see your wretched state.
Today, settle your accounts, before it is too late!
Righteousness you do not have, a debt you cannot pay,
How shall you stand before a just and holy God on that great Day?
Sinful soul, can’t you see you’re in great danger?
As you’re headed for everlasting punishment in the lake of fire!

But God, rich in mercy and love, sent His only Son
To suffer and die on the cross for our sins,
Our debt, He paid in full. “It is finished,” He has said,
For God has poured our punishment on Jesus Christ instead.

Sin and death defeated, indeed, for He has risen!
And in this, God can be just and justify wicked men.
Today, repent and put your faith in Christ, Him crucified!
Guaranteed, on that Day, by His blood you shall be justified.

Originally Published on www.bandersnatch.ca Vol.50 Issue 02 on September 22nd, 2020

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