Hellboy review

Holy hell, it sucked…

Andrew Wood
Entertainment Editor

As a longtime fan of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy comic series, I am always intrigued into seeing how the stories will be adapted to the screen. I am a huge fan of both Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy and its sequel, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Like most fans I was eagerly awaiting a third installment, and also expressed immense disappointment when the news broke about it never happening. To add insult to injury, a reboot was almost instantly announced afterwards, with an entirely new team, and a new actor playing the titular role.
I loved Ron Perlman’s performance in the first two installments, and I was willing to accept a new actor assuming the role. David Harbor (Stranger Things) was chosen to play the part, which I felt a decent choice. He has the physicality and the sense of humor to back up the character. My interest was also peaked when it was announced that Neil Marshall (director of The Descent, one of my favorite horror films in recent years) was attached to direct. The film was also set to be rated R, as this could have allowed some of the more mature aspects of the comic to really shine through.
Now that the film is out, I have one question… WHAT HAPPENED? This should have been a recipe for a fun and entertaining film. Instead, we were left with a massively unfocused mess which left the audience with more questions than answers. The R rating was wasted on needless gore and unnecessarily profane humor, which I feel is really untrue to Hellboy’s character (believe it or not). Furthermore, the film jumps from subplot to subplot with no coherence whatsoever.
There were rumors of creative differences on set amongst the filmmakers and producers, and it definitely showed. The film had no idea what it wanted to be or who it was intended for. This is equally disappointing because David Harbor’s performance was excellent and was wasted on such a terrible film. Overall, I would not recommend Hellboy (2019).

Originally Published on bandersnatch.ca