Heroes Wear Pink!


Anagabriel Trevino
Staff Writer

On February 24th, we celebrate differences, we accept everyone for who they are, and we stand for everyone’s right to be loved; on Wednesday February 24th WE WEAR PINK!

#PinkShirtDay is part of CKNW Orphans’ fund. This organization has been helping the children of British Columbia (BC) for over 65 years, granting more than 30 million dollars to 85 different organizations. However, they are not stopping there.

This anti-bullying effort became an official CKNW event back in ‘08, but has been growing and is now reaching all the way across Canada. Since its inception, it has collected over 1.2 million dollars and given 100% of that money to other non-profit organizations, including professional counseling phone lines and other anti-bullying programs.

On its site, Pink Shirt Day shares stories. Under the caption “Inspiring Tales”, anyone can read about the lives of Nick Vujicic, Lizzie Velasquez, Isis Wenger and more.


Of course, someone had to be the first. CKNW got the idea from a Globe and Mail article published in 2007 (one year prior to the first organised Pink Shirt Day). In her article “Students Give World a Lesson in Courage”, Ingrid Peritz tells the stories of “two groups of young heroes”, one of which is the original group of protesters in pink. David Shepherd and Travis Price, then 17 years old, were seniors at King’s Rural High School. A new kid in the 9th grade was being bullied and called a “fag”, and word spread around school that he was going to get beaten up, all for wearing a pink polo. Travis Price, having been a victim of bullying himself, decided to do something about it.

The next day, the “bullied boy” walked into the school to find a crowd of people in pink tank tops.The previous day, Mr. Shepherd and Mr. Price had bought 50 pink tank tops and informed schoolmates of their plan. All in support of that one 9th grader.

From one act of kindness to one student in one school, to the Globe and Mail, to CKNW Orphans’ fund and now to you. This story proves the power of kindness, courage, and the difference it can make.

There are different ways the organization obtains money and spreads awareness. The sale of pink t-shirts is one. This year, said t-shirts sport the slogan “Kindness is one size fits all”, and the site kindly apologizes for not having all the sizes anymore “due to unprecedented demand”. One to nine shirts sell for $9.80 each, but online shoppers can get them for 6.10$ if they buy ten or more. On top of that, on February 24th, 2016, #PinkItForward and Coast Capital will donate $1 per hashtag to Pink Shirt Day (up to 45,000$). All participants need to do is write “I #PinkItForward to [tag your friend] for [reason why they’re special]. Now it’s your turn! #PinkShirtDay for twitter and “For #PinkShirtDay, I’m helping to put an end to bullying by spreading kindness. I #PinkItForward to [tag your friend] for [reason why they’re special]. Now it’s your turn!” for Instagram or Facebook.

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