Homosexuality, the Eighth Deadly Sin?

Are Same-Sex Relationships Immoral?

by Ehsan Rajabian (Contributor)

As the number of portrayals of same-sex relationships in popular media increases (like comedian Ellen DeGeneres being an open lesbian or any number of homosexual relationships in HBO’s Game of Thrones), the subject of homosexuality grows more controversial. Debates about whether or not it should be considered unholy and sinful rage across the world. Central to this is one simple question that many people are unable to answer correctly…

Is homosexuality a choice? To put it bluntly, no.

Source: edinburghnapiernews.files.wordpress.com
Source: edinburghnapiernews.files.wordpress.com

To put it academically, one needs only to look at the animal kingdom to properly understand this issue. We can begin by observing one of the many studies that prove how members of various animal species will demonstrate homosexual behavior, ranging from actual sexual activities, to two same-sex partners parenting together. Researcher Bruce Bagemihl concludes that 1,500 different species have manifested homosexual behavior. Dolphins of any gender may engage in sexual activity in groups of both male and female. Bonobo apes are noteworthy for being mostly bisexual. Over half of their sexual activities are homosexual relations between females. It would be naive to believe they have chosen homosexuality when they rely purely on instinct. Are humans any different? After all, is it not true that we are simply sentient animals? And furthermore, why would someone willingly choose to be part of a group that has been so discriminated against throughout history such as the LGBTQIA community?

Once it is understood that choosing to be homosexual is no different than choosing to be Caucasian, all that remains is to establish whether or not it is “wrong”. We must first clarify what it is to be immoral. It is my belief that only actions causing harm to others should be considered unethical. If a homosexual relationship is consensual, who does it harm? Approximately absolutely no one.

Therefore, to call same-sex romance “immoral” is unfair and ignorant because a person cannot choose to be gay, and no individual is actually mistreated or hurt by their consensual relationship in any way whatsoever.
I have argued that homosexuality is neither choice nor immoral. And yet, I doubt this will eliminate any popular misconceptions or discrimination towards individuals associating themselves with the LGBTQIA community. However, people’s opposition to another sexual orientation is really quite simple to understand. Homosexuality is different than heterosexuality, and people will always resent and fear what is different. As time moves forward, things change. Our society must bury its outdated views with the passage of generations. Let us put this close-minded line of thought behind us and openly accept a different sexuality in the same way that we should welcome different religions and cultures.

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