How To Get Through The Winter Semester At JAC

The roads are icy, the weather is cold, and my motivation to step out of the house is at an all time low. So how am I supposed to get through the winter semester at John Abbott? As a first year student who is experiencing her first winter semester at Abbott, it might be ridiculous for me to write this article. In any matter, I have a few ideas!

Firstly, schedule the least 8:30 classes possible this semester. Actually, this goes for any semeseter. Why
do poeple willingly schedule 8:30 classes? Do you like waking up when it’s still dark? Do you enjoy the
morning’s colder weather? What in the world pushes a person to willingly set an alarm for 6AM? I will never understand, but that is another topic for another article. For today, let’s keep talking winter!

I’d also suggest you gear up, but that would be quite hypocritical of me since I came to school in running shoes and a spring jacket.

The more I write this article, the more I realize how “sucky” the winter semester is at Abbott. That’s not necessarily because the winter semester is especially bad, but more so because of how amazing the fall semester is at Abbott!

Abbott has so much to offer when the weather is nice. Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue is right around the corner with it’s cute little restaurants and the amazing view of the lake. There’s also plenty of green areas on campus to lie down on or hang out with your friends and eat outside.

I think the best way to get through the winter semester is to focus on the positives of winter. Grab some hot chocolate from the oval, and study near the windows of AME watching the snow fall outside. Or maybe grab a blanket, and hang out with your friends on the couches of Herzberg and eat together. Make the best out of this winter semester! It’s actually not that bad….

Defne Veral
Campus Life Editor
Originally published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 07 on January 24, 2018

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