IA Exhibition


Come Support ALC Students

Rachelle Eldar &
Breanna Carpenter
Entertainment Editor &
Production Manager

Attention all Abbotters! ALC students in their graduating semester have been hard at work on their IA projects. The themes for these creative projects are drawn from topics students have seen in their ALC classes. The mediums often vary according to profile. For example, media students may make a short film, animate a film themselves, or work with photography, while a literature student may work on a collection of poems or a short story. Many projects are multimedia, including more than one medium. The finished products will be on display in an exhibition in the Agora on November 24th. Parents, friends, students and teachers are welcome and encouraged to attend, peruse their amazing work, and enjoy the refreshments available. The IA exhibition will remain in the Agora throughout the following week until November 30th. Abbott has wonderful creative potential and we highly encourage you to come and support the graduating students’ artistic efforts. We also highly reccomend that those currently in ALC attend so they have an idea of what IA entails.

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