Islam Awareness

by Vanessa Ghalayini

For many years at John Abbott College, every semester, the MSA (Muslim Student Association) gathers together as a team to organize a special event called IAD (Islamic Awareness Day). It is a day where all the members of the club unite and work their hardest together to create an informative but fun event for everyone to enjoy at JAC. Many booths are set up in the Agora with different subjects talking about Islam.

Photo Courtesy of Tayseer Véricain
Photo Courtesy of Tayseer Véricain

For instance, topics like “The Women in Islam”, “Who is God?” or “The Prophets of Islam” are found. Many books are put on display as well, including the Quran, and pamphlets are given away for people who are interested in learning more about the religion. Along with each booth, interesting questionnaires about each topic are found to challenge students as well as teachers, and as a reward, a delicious treat is handed out like cotton candy or popcorn.

One of the MSA’s main goal behind putting together this event is to show and teach their fellow friends of JAC the true meaning of Islam. They want to break the stereotypes and misconceptions that are embedded in today’s society. They want to show the true meaning of Islam and what this beautiful religion is really all about.

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