IT – Movie Review

Andrew Wood
Entertainment Editor

When I first heard there was going to be a new adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “IT,” I will admit I had some reservations about it. To be entirely honest, I am not a fan of the novel at all, I felt there was too much extra content in it which really distracted me from enjoying the core story and it really began to drag on once it got to the second half of the story, and the 1980’s TV adaptation has certainly not aged well at all over the years (despite an incredible performance from Tim Curry). In spite of the reservations I had about the film, I was intrigued when Andy Muschetti was announced as its director. A few years ago he had directed “Mama,” which was a film I really enjoyed. My nerves were dropped further when the first trailer came out and I saw the direction they were going in. It looked genuinely frightening; and after the
first glimpse of Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise, I went from being doubtful to excited in minutes. Now that the movie is out, how does it live up to my newfound expectations? It completely exceeded them. “IT” is a movie I will find myself watching again and again over the years. Despite the fact that it was marketed as a horror film, I found the movie to me much more than that; in fact, it’s not really a horror movie at all. At its core, “IT” is a coming of
age film with elements of horror added in. I was very impressed with how they pulled everything off. I did not find myself scared by what I was seeing on screen, but I certainly was thrilled. Most of the time, I found myself laughing at just how much humour was placed into the film, and sometimes I even found myself touched by the more sentimental aspects of the film. Performances were fantastic across the board – the main cast really prove that we
Noémi Blom Office Manager This show follows the life of an early twenty-year-old girl named Sophia who can’t keep a job. She’s just tired of being pushed around and not being able to do things her own way; so she finds inspiration on eBay and starts her own business. As her company grows, she faces multiple ups and downs, both in her personal and professional life. She doesn’t gain the trust of her father, but she does gain a boyfriend; gets into a fight with her best friend; and, of course, needs medical attention. I fell in love with this show because it is so inspirational. I’m the type of person who always stays in her comfort zone, who never dares to do anything rebellious. But Sophia, also known as Nasty Gal, goes out of her way, finds brilliant and creative solutions to her problems and isn’t afraid of anything (most of the time). Stubborn as everyone can be sometimes, we follow Sophia through her process of recognizing her mistakes and finding a way to fix them, a process everybody can relate to. Her bubbly personality also caught my attention. Her impulses and life decisions were sometimes so out-of-the-blue that they surprised me. Sleeping on a pile of money? Why not! This show made me feel everything from betrayal to feeling like I could rule the world. From becoming friends with your enemies to facing your fear of bridges, this Girl Boss shows us the way to do it!
Andrew Wood Entertainment Editor I’m a big fan of the indie band “Vampire Weekend” and I am also an even bigger fan of their frontman “Ezra Koenig”, I find him to be a very versatile and very funny person, so when I heard he was developing an animated series for Netflix called “Neo Yokio”, I was extremely excited. I was dumbfounded when I heard it was going to be an anime, animated by the studio “Production IG.” As a big (albeit picky) anime fan I was intrigued by what it was going to be; and now that it is out, I could not be happier with the finished product.
“Neo Yokio” is a series starring everybody’s favorite tweeter, Jaden Smith, voicing “Kaz”, “Neo Yokio’s” Number 1 most eligible bachelor, who comes from a long line of demon slayers. Though to be entirely honest, this is the most irrelevant part of the series. “Neo Yokio” at its core is one big joke, and it very much treats itself as such. The humour is self aware and
intentionally awkward, the animation is entirely stilted and choppy on purpose, and throughout the entire show there are nothing but subtle references to anime of the past and western pop culture.
If you like awkward, self-aware humour and need something to kill two hours while also having a great time, I could not recommend “Neo Yokio” more. At only 6 episodes long, the series knows fine well not to overstay its welcome. Check it out. You can catch “Neo Yokio” on Netflix now.
have a lot of talent to look forward to in the future. The absolute standout performance, however, is Bill Skarsgard with his incredible portrayal of Pennywise. His was a presence to be reckoned with, and really stood out from the performance by Tim Curry years ago. His portrayal really made the role his own. One thing which has intrigued me the most that they have decided give both parts of the novel their own respective movie. Which could solve a lot of the problems that I have with the novel and let each film come into its own, despite being connected to each other. Overall, “IT” really exceeded all of my expectations. Stephen King adaptations have a very inconsistent track record, and I am very glad to say that this is one of the absolute best adaptations of his work to date: the acting, the cinematography and writing are all top notch, and I very much look forward to Chapter 2.

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