It’s “Time Warp” Time!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Ball Returns to Montreal

by Jamie Borenstein-Laurie  (Contributor)

What do you get when you combine two all-American virgins, a morally ambiguous transvestite, incestuous domestics, a blond version of Frankenstein’s monster with flawless abs, and a floating pair of lips? You get The Rocky Horror Picture Show, obviously!

And, did I mention it’s a musical?

If you haven’t stopped reading already, it’s probably because you’re a Rocky fan… or just intrigued by the sexually eclectic. Either way, stick around and you may just find yourself partying the night away at one of Montreal’s most bizarre Halloween attractions.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (a 1975 film based on the stage musical) is the fabulous founder of the “cult film” genre and has been captivating audiences that allow themselves to peek just slightly below the mainstream for years.

I’ll give you the short version: Newly engaged Brad and Janet (our allAmerican virgins) find themselves with a flat tire on a deserted country road in the middle of a rainstorm and seek refuge in the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (the morally ambiguous transvestite). Aided by his butler Riff-Raff and maid Magenta (incestuous domestics), Frank unveils his latest creation (you guessed it: a blond Frankenstein’s monster with flawless abs).

The ensuing night of sexual discovery is fraught with murder, conspiracy,
lingerie and a truly amazing glam-rock infused soundtrack.

Still reading? Great, because the best part is yet to come.

You see, the actual film is only one half of the fun. What makes Rocky truly unique is its unparalleled use of audience participation at live showings.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Ball in Montreal brings back the thrill of seeing the film in theatres, which has faded out of popularity in recent years. But what exactly are live showings?

For starters, the audience is encouraged to come dressed up—or dressed down, as is often the case. When the lights dim and the film begins to play, a troupe of passionate actors takes to the stage below the screen to reenact the action as it unfolds. But this is no night at the theatre, and a Rocky audience is certainly not a silent one. Throughout the film, callbacks are shouted in response to the dialogue and various props are used (for example: water pistols for the rainstorm, toast to throw when a toast is proposed, noisemakers, party hats, etc.)

If you’re looking for something different to try this Halloween season, I would definitely encourage you to give this wild experience a try.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Ball plays October 30th to November 1st at the Imperial Cinema, with nightly showings at 8 PM and 11 PM. For more information (including callback scripts, costume and prop guides, and directions) you can visit

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