JAC’s Fall 2020 Survival Guide

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Tammy Haddad

Online learning isn’t as easy or as fun as it sounds. We imagined staying in pajamas all day, having a snack during class and easily getting through all of our homework with all that extra time on our hands now. Then, reality hit us: loud noises somehow always occur only when the teacher is saying something important, your printer gives up on you the day you need to print and concentrating in your pajamas is impossible! We’re all struggling with online learning and John Abbott College is aware of that. Which is why, with the help of other colleges, they developed a helpful tool to make sure we all survive this semester: The Survival Guide to Online Learning.

The guide opens on a list of questions made to assess your readiness for different facets of online learning. For example, addressing the necessary equipment and students’ well-being. Read slowly through the questions. If for some reason you answer anything other than “Yes” or “Of course I do, who doesn’t?” then you might want to click on the words “Online Resources” that are beside the question list for each section. This leads you to another document that lists all the resources that might remedy your problem. Don’t have a laptop? The list tells you who to call. Don’t know how to use Omnivox? There’s a guide in the “Computer and Technology Help” section. Not sure how to sit properly at your desk? There’s an ergonomics guide listed under “Well-being”.

If you’re struggling with anything in regard to online learning, the survival guide is definitely worth checking out. You can find it in the One-Stop Shop on Omnivox. It’ll direct you towards the right resources to help you succeed in spite of the hardships of our new learning environment.

Originally Published on www.bandersnatch.ca Vol.50 Issue 02 on September 22nd, 2020

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