JACs Feminist Collective

The FemClub Contributes to Sexual Assault Awareness Week

Amy Marleau
Staff Writer

John Abbott’s Feminist Collective (also known as FemClub) is collaborating with the College to improve sexual assault awareness through an on-campus project to be held on September 26th and 27th. The main goal of FemClub is to offer a safe space in which students can talk freely about feminism. Since its inception, the club has also addressed a wide variety of issues ranging from catcalling to rape, while facilitating discussions relating to major problems with which modern feminism is faced. Our goal is to educate all students within the club and College on proper consent, along with men’s and women’s rights, to the greatest extent possible.

During these two days we will be working with different groups from within and without the school trying to bring consent education to JAC in an interactive manner. These projects are open to the entire JAC population and are a wonderful (and fun!) learning opportunity. The clothesline project aims to create a dialogue about abuse by decorating T-shirts with rape statistics and facts. This is done in remembrance of all survivors and victims of such crimes. Our second activity involves asking students what they understand consent to be, and creating a giant poster about consent that will later be put on display. We invite you all to come make T-shirts for the clothesline project on Monday and to come talk to us about what “no” means to you on Tuesday. We hope to see you there, and we hope to help everyone gain a better understanding of assault and consent education.

If you are at all interested in being a part of FemClub beyond these, two activity filled days we welcome you with open arms to our meetings. Please keep an eye out on Omnivox for the exact date, time, and location.

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