Isabelle Ede

Sustainability Editor

There are many green clubs that students can join here at the college. What makes EcoJAC special? Hello, I am Isabelle Ede, and I am a co-leader of the EcoJAC club. I started my cegep experience last semester. The first thing I looked for was a green club to continue my commitment to the environment. I was informed that EcoJAC existed, but that all the leaders had graduated. I, along with Jenna Cassidy and Chihiro Mori, dove right into the club leadership. It was quite rocky at first, the essence of the club was muddy until we started having amazing club members that helped shape our message.

WE ARE HERE TO ENABLE CHANGE. What is the first thing you wish to change on campus regarding the climate? Whatever your answer is, EcoJAC can help you achieve it! This club is your platform; you just don’t know it yet. While we do have projects we are currently working on, our mind is always open to new ideas. From plants to protests, we are here for you!

We are currently involved with green staff committees, grant-funded projects, as well as an internship regarding climate justice and social media management. We are in the middle of the great upcoming change on campus. While having rich relationships with active teachers and staff is important, as students, we carry a heavier voice in front of the school board.

The teachers and staff generously gave us a path and are also very receptive to students’ ideas. It is up to us to make that path as wide as possible, hopefully harvesting new members and noting the changes we make along the way.

If you are interested, please contact me (Isabelle Ede) or Jenna Cassidy through MIO and we will be happy to receive you in our movement.

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