Just One More

The Poet (Sevag Pilav)
Staff Writer

Just one more Christmas television episode, you say to yourself as you stand up to make a last journey to the bathroom while the commercials start to play. You return from the bathroom and slump on your couch as you hear on the news channel that a murderer escaped from the local prison and is currently on the loose. A profiled description as well as an illustration of the male murderer displays on your television screen. Hesitantly, you look out your sliding glass door that leads to your wintery enclosed backyard and notice an oddly shaped man in a dark trench coat standing out in the snow. Adjusting your glasses correctly, you perceive that the man matches the profile of the killer quite accurately, with a twisted smile on his face as well. Nervously, you gulp and your whole body trembles. Your arms cover with goosebumps as you pick up your cellphone from the couch and start calling the police. You head back to the sliding glass door and press your mobile to your ear as you attempt to make contact with the police department. Looking out to your backyard, you start to get tense as you notice that the murderer is much closer to you now. “911, what’s your emergency,” says a female operator on the other line. You begin to speak when you drop your cellphone in shock. There are no footprints in the snow… it’s your reflection.

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