Arielle Corriveau

Land of the Lustrous tells the tale of Phosphophyllite, an immortal crystalline creature who lives with his comrades, the Lustrous, in a world they wish were peaceful; however, the Lunarians want the Lustrous as decorations, and keep attacking them. Phos is incredibly fragile and has a hard time accepting staying away from the battlefield. Will he ever find a purpose for his existence?

First, I absolutely loved this manga, for both storyline and art style. The art is simply mesmerizing. The characters are gems, and so, shine under the sun. And that’s what is so incredible about the art: you can see the light get reflected on the Lustrous. You can see their shine as if they were truly brilliant. The attention by the hammocks for people to pass out safely, and hydration stations for people to stay hydrated. If I were to have any suggestions for improvement, I would like to see more hydration stations throughout the festival as staying hydrated should be the number one priority at all times. Overall, Osheaga 2017 was a massive success, and I feel that the organizers did a fantastic job with everything and I look forward to 2018’s installment. author given to the light is breathtaking.

As for characters, they all have an androgynous look, but it’s still nice to look at. I had some difficulty recognizing some characters in the first few pages, but you quickly adapt to the different art and get sucked into the story before you even realize it.

Now, the story itself is a bit slow. It takes a few chapters for the plot to pick up, as the author takes the time to build up the atmosphere and characters. However, it only makes the reader appreciate more the story in later chapters and volumes. Land of the Lustrous is a clever mix of action, mystery and relationships. The author shows and conveys a multitude of complex emotions in an elegant and melancholic way throughout his work and makes it a masterpiece.

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