Laval Bus Crashes into Daycare in Sainte-Rose: Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Nicholas Tremblay

Staff Writer

February 8th, at 8:30 a.m., the province of Québec experienced a shocking morning. An STL bus driver deliberately charged into a Laval kindergarten. The lives of 5 years old Maëva David, and 4 years old Jacob Gauthier, were taken due to their injuries. In addition, six children ages 4 to 5 were injured and are now being treated at the hospital. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, while visiting Laval, gave his condolences to the families. François Legault and the other leaders of the opposition also visited to give support to the grieving community. Many GoFundMe campaigns were created and raised money for the victims of this incident. The funeral of the 4-year-old boy took place at the Sainte-Rose-de-Lima church on February 16th. The 51-year-old bus driver did not seek help for mental health issues and was driving his usual bus route when he decided to drive straight into the Ste-Rose kindergarten. The bus driver is facing nine counts: two for premeditated murder; one for attempted murder; two for aggravated assault; and four for assault causing bodily harm. Since his mental state and mental health are unstable, judge Carol Richer imposed a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether the accused is suited for his trial. Although there is no information yet concerning the motive behind such actions committed by a father of two children, we give our warmth and support to the families of this bizarre and tragic event.

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