Learning about CORAL REEFS

with Valerie Molino

10 Fun Facts:

#1: Out of 109 countries coral reefs are found in 93 of these countries show significant degradation.

#2: 27% of coral reefs around the world have been lost. If this continues, we can expect that in the next 30 years, 60% will be completely destroyed.

#3: The coral reefs serve as barrier that prevents damage of all kinds that can be created by waves, storms, and floods.

#4: The Great Barrier Reef appeared 500,000 years ago.

#5: We can find more than 25% of all marine animals in coral reefs.

#6: What is causing coral reefs to be destroyed. There are seven major causes: destructive fishing practices, overfishing, careless tourism, pollution, sedimentation, coral mining, and climate change.

#7: Coral reefs have great medical purposes. New medicines can be created from the species (plants and animals) inhabiting the reefs. They can be developed to treat cancer patients, people who have arthritis, human bacterial infections, heart disease, viruses, and other diseases.

#8: Coral reefs create millions of jobs in the tourism industry around the world.

#9: Also known as the “Rainforest of the Sea”.

And finally…

#10: Coral reefs are relatives of the jellyfish and the anemones.

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