Learning About the Red Panda

Not many people know what a red panda looks like, nor do people know that they exist… So let me tell you a little bit more about this endangered species. The red panda is found in the Eastern part of the Himalayas, where they feed on leaves and bamboo, and, sometimes they also feed on fruits, insects, bird eggs, and small lizards. The reason these creatures are endangered is because the area that they inhabit has seen a decrease in bamboo and trees. Therefore, this leads to a decrease in their population.

Red pandas, also known as the Bear-cat, the Bright Panda, the Cat-bear, the Fire Fox, the Lesser Panda, the Petit Panda, and the Poonya, usually live alone in trees where they curl their tail around themselves. Their way of communicating is by sending out sounds, such as a warning whistle. They also often use body language to communicate. What keeps them in balance when climbing is their tail. The size of this creature is measured to be as big as a domestic cat. Finally, red pandas live around 12 to 14 years.

Organizations such as World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) are trying to preserve this animal

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