Life’s Oceans

Alexia Quraeshi
Staff Writer

We spend our days on the sea of uncertainty,
Waiting wistfully for the calm ocean and that the storms come to an end.
To maybe spend a few seconds in peace while we could gaze at the mirror like stillness and bask in its tranquility.

However, the ocean is never so calm.

There are the big waves and the tiny ripples and amidst it all we are trying to stay afloat.
We live on a small boat rocking back and forth in the big ocean swells hoping not to tip over, hoping that the next one won’t be game over and having to start again.

Life will have moments to make us fall off our little boat and to drown in the madness, the sadness and the unforgivable truths that make up our world.

Yet as dark as it may be, there is kindness.
Even if life’s waves of mystery and doubt come crashing down, there will always be the harbour that is waiting for us.

A thing, a person, a place that keeps us within the storm and making us forget the harsh winds.

The harbour where the aching hearts and the busy minds can rest their fragile soul, even for a moment, a moment of knowing.

Knowing that there is such a thing as a beautiful day, where the grey clouds fade away, knowing that everything will be ok.

Of course, these harbours are not where one can stay, you must venture out to resume the next chapter to see what comes after today. So be bold, be brave, stay strong, but know there will always be the place you can come back to.

It is always waiting for you, to shelter the storming hearts, always.

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