Live Your Minute

by Anagabriel Trevino
Staff Writer

Intensify and glorify
There is no time to look back
your heart, my heart, beating fast
there is no time for the past
there is no time for the future

It’s time for a rupture
the first second of your future
The last of your past
It’s an explosion

A blast

to set the word into motion
the is no longer a notion
of time that has passed
timeless and ageless
And faceless
there is no notion of self
only adrenaline

fire coursing through
your veins, my veins
all the tears and the pains
all the doubts and the claims
all the fears and the chains
All the victories and gains

Just forget
anything goes
every gesture explodes
hands and feet burn and blaze
all the world turns to daze
Yet all the details so clear
while you fight through the fear
kicking into high gear
don’t stop it will all disappear
fight through the pain
don’t think
don’t give into fear.

if it’s all you can gain
if it’s all you can lose

it’s your life on the line
MAKE it happen
blast my past
this feeling will last
powerful and
I could live or could die
but I’ll never regret
I’ll never forget

nothing matters in this the
warrior’s minute.

the minute you live for
the minute you die for
only minute that matters
beyond now

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