Stop! Enough— I said
Stop looking at yourself this
Is this all I can see?
The colour of my skin…
Paler than I ever imagined.
Could it get paler than this?
Only in the midst of winter.
So white and so cold and so—
Sharp, dry, skin not worth
By anybody. Hair silky, smooth,
Not mine—
Maybe hers.
My eyes bluer, deeper than the
desperate seas
Turn grey in an instant.
Clouds of rage, rigidity and
And grey, my favourite colour.
I catch a glimpse, a reflection,
an image
On the display glass of some
It’s quick and it’s brief but it’s
because momentarily I—
I see myself.
Happiness— Fills through me
I am beautiful!
I am beauty!
The very embodiment
Of it.
From my lips very
Lucious, lavish, cherry
Chapstick. Never without it.
Cheeks red from the intensity
Of the sun. Maybe the cold, the
heat, but
The sight of you—
In the hallways.
My hands— elegant
As an ancient Greek statue.
And capable
of so much more than you
would know—
Or care to learn.
Not that I would show you.
It’s impossible to ignore now;
It’s all different now, look!
I shine!
Brighter than the sun, the
suns, the universe!
My light is definitely
Enough. And more!
For this whole darn

Defne Veral
Campus Life Editor

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 12 on April 11, 2018

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