Magic X Love

Chapter Two

Zero Walker (Contributor)

The mobile city of Albion has risen from the depths of the deep crushing ocean. All students are amazed at the sight of this great monument, all except for the boy. The boy stands up and reaches for his bag; suddenly, his right eye begins to ache.

The boy thinks to himself, “Damn it…Alice was right…the flow of Enzies is overwhelming…even after all the training, this still happens!”

The girl notices and comes over to ask, “Are you ok?”

The boy is astonished that the pain has subsided and says, “I’m perfectly alright.”

Then, he walks off to the front of the bus, thinking to himself, “How…? Only when I’m around Alice does pain goes away…could she be…”

A platform shoots out of the Albion’s lower levels and connects with the bus. Students begin to walk off the bus, following the platform into the port entrance of the city. A man in Albion’s military uniform comes to greet the students.

The military officer says, “I want two groups of ten,” and of course, the students do so without question.

An elevator lowers itself, but has no wires or weights to pull it up or weigh it down. Once the first group has entered, the military officer places his hand on the orb inside. This orb glows green, and the elevator moves up on its own. The second group does the same, but the other military officer asks for the students to make the elevator rise by touching the orb.

The military officer says, “You there! Girl with the red ribbon! What’s your name!?”

The girl says, “Hope, sir!”

The military officer asks her to
step forward and to close the door using only her magic or esper power.

The boy thinks to himself, “That orb is meant to absorb Enzy. If it does, it should glow green like the other elevator did and if it doesn’t, then I’ll know if she is an Esper. If she is a mage, the real trick will be getting this elevator started. A number of mages in here are attracting the Enzies. Seems like a lot of mages. If too many build up, it’ll overpower her if she is weak. She has to focus. If she can’t…The officer will most likely take control of the situation if it becomes dire.”

Hope places her hand on the orb. It glows green, and the elevator begins to rise off the ground slowly, but with a few shakes.

Hope thinks to herself, “I can do this…I have to stay calm and focus!”

The elevator is about to reach the top when Hope begins to have shock
images from the Crimson Red Knight. Hope can’t focus, the Enzies go into a frenzy, and the elevator falls. The officer moves her aside and attempts to stop the free-fall. He can’t do it either; the Enzies are even overwhelming him. In his fear, the orb turns red, and the doors open, causing the students to fall out.

The boy is falling; he snaps out of the shock and takes action.

He molds a chain of Enzies with his hands and thinks to himself, “The frenzy of Enzies should be enough!”

One end connects to the elevator shaft and the other connects to each person he touches while diving, but Hope is still in free-fall. The boy gathers the few Enzies that remain and creates a thin chain. He shoots the chain to hook onto the elevator shaft and it connects. He reaches out at the same time and grabs Hope’s hand. The recoil causes the chain to snap.

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