Magic X Love

by Zero Walker

The principal of the school has revealed his identity and says, “The pressure you felt earlier was roughly 10%.”

The boy is sitting all the way in the back. His expression changes completely.

The principal continues and says, “I know most of you have come to learn how to control your gifts, both Mages and Espers alike, but my staff can only guide you. You will ultimately have to decide what you do from there onwards. As you know, Albion is one of the few surviving cities in the war and the only city that allows both Mages and Espers to co-exist.”

“It’s true,” the boy thinks to himself. “When the first mobile city was made, Mages and Espers lived with hate for each other. When more cities came onto the scene, Espers and Mages chose to live amongst their own kind. This only led to future conflict when both sides went to war, but then, Albion appeared and symbolized an idea that living together was indeed possible and thus led to the end of the war.”

The headmaster continues his lecture and says, “The Enzies around us are the energy of the universe in its purest form. Only Mages can see them and harness their power. On the other hand, we have Espers, whose power come from their own bodies. Next, we have a Mage’s powers. Like every Esper has his or her own power, Mages also have a variety to choose from.”

He takes out a crystal from his coat pocket, and it glows yellow. Out of the crystal shoots a projection of a chart. On the chart we see the symbols for Fire, Water, Light, Lightning, Wind, Sound, Power, and one other that is crossed out.

“My final topic now is the familiar,” the principal says. “A familiar is the partner that exists side by side with a Mage. These familiars are the manifestation of the Mage’s mind, but can be very deadly, since the Enzies materialize them. If a Mage wishes it, the familiar can harm another person, but for the first time in our history, an Esper can do the same. An Esper might not have a familiar of his own or a power sufficient enough to stop a familiar, but they will have this.”

He takes out a pistol from his side and says, “An ARK gun. Albion’s technology division has created a weapon that can stop a familiar, but only for a limited amount of time. This gun is temporary until your forging course is completed. You may leave.” The principal walks off the stage, and all the students begin to walk out of the auditorium.

The boy walks out too, but is caught in a line and looks ahead of him. The students are getting their student IDs, PDAs, and ARK guns. Hope hides behind the pillar connecting from the floor to the roof and listens in when the boy goes forward to the desk. The secretary asks, “What is your name? Type? City of origin?”

The boy says, “My name is Klaus Evermore, Esper, and Orion.” The secretary hands over his ID, PDA, and ARK gun, but realizes he said Orion.

“Orion? The military city?” the secretary questions him.

“Yes,” Klaus says. He takes the possessions and walks away. He tosses his ARK gun into the trash and says in a silent manner, “I don’t need something worthless like that.”

Hope comes out of hiding and thinks to herself, “The military city?”

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