Chapter 5

by Zero Walker

[Saturday, August 23rd, 2021. 9:41AM]

“Why am I back here? I’ve seen this already. I know I’m waiting for someone, but whom?” Hope finds herself as a young girl at a park.

“Who’s that?” Hope notices a small dark figure approaching her. She is relieved that her waiting is finally over, but the stars shine brightly and she cannot help but look up. She sees the stars coming down, as if the sky was crying.

One navigated away from the rest and came hurdling right at her.

In shock, she wakes up suddenly and finds herself in the girls’ dormitory.

Hope looks around and notices that her roommate is sound asleep. As she holds her hands together in shock, she sees from the corner of her eye a light blinking repeatedly. It is her school PDA. She thinks to herself, “Who was that person in my dream? That never usually happens…” She reaches for the PDA, and a notification has come up that she has a message. Naturally, she moves to read the message.

Unsurprisingly, it is one of her friends asking if she would join them on an outing of the city. Hope replies “Sure,” but all she thinks about is the small person from her dream.

Sunlight pierces through the curtains of an unknown room. Klaus awakes from his sleep topless.

His PDA has been blinking also. He reads it and sees that it is a message sent to all first year students to go explore the city. Naturally, he simply dismissed the idea.

Another message follows shortly after from an unknown contact, but at the very bottom is signed with “A”. Klaus examines the text and it says, “There is a Grimoire here.” His eyes widen once he sees the word grimoire.

In the lower halls of the dormitory is the courtyard, which is one of the many exits of the school. Hope comes out of the girls’ dorm wearing a strapless white summer dress.

Everyone gathered at the courtyard, the last to come is Klaus. Hope is flustered as she recalls how he valiantly saved her and questions why he is there.

Her friend says, “It was a widespread invite”. With that said, Hope hushes. The host of the invite comes forward and introduces himself as a third year student. He reaches into his pocket and takes out his PDA, then clicks the “Maps” widget. Yet as he does all this, everyone can see his hand resonating with a green aura of sorts. A holographic map displays itself less than three meters above everyone.

It appears as a layout of the city. Klaus noticed on the very first day at the assembly that the headmaster did the same with his orb. It must be a skill that is taught.

The city is split up into six areas. The first is the center tower, which is the school, the second is the downtown shopping district, the third is the hanging gardens, the fourth is the village, the fifth is off limits due to construction, and finally, the last is a quarantined zone which is marked black.

Klaus thinks to himself, “The grimoire is probably in there. I’ll have to play along until I can ditch these guys and find it. Then destroy it!” The enzies start to become a little rattled as Klaus is demonstrating a certain behavior. Hope turns around and the enzies suddenly calm down and fly around her, as if being attracted to her. Everyone leaves the courtyard and heads off into the unknown city.

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