Maxine Louie

We regret to announce the passing of Maxine Louie, the Bandersnatch Office Manager. Her death took place in suspicious circumstances, and foul play is suspected. Her body was found early this morning in the gym by her dog Jax. The good boi had sensed something was wrong, and decided to trail her all the way to the gym. Unfortunately, he arrived too late.

Her usual drink, a mixture of tea and aloe, was found on the ground next to her, and forensics found traces of a mysterious substance known only as Void Juice present within the mix. The authorities are holding two suspects: Lucas Galand, the News Editor, and Sebastian Socorro, the Literature Editor. Maxine and Lucas had been known to have had previous altercations due to the chaos created by the cursed drink in the club room. However, Sebastian had previously been Office Manager, and jealousy of her impeccable office keeping might have been the motive.

Though they are the only two suspects currently being investigated, the latest analysis of the crime scene has revealed some startling information: footprints, small round ones, were found at the scene of the crime. Such tracks could only have been made by a non-human entity. Though this is only speculation, rumour has it that the notorious “JJ” could have a hand in the affair. Nothing is clear yet, but authorities will continue to investigate.

Maxine will always be missed by all who knew her. Her ability to stifle chaos with a mere glance was unique, as was her talent for motivating people to work out. Her determination to achieve her goals was without compare, as well as her energy and caring. The world has lost a great human.

Originally Published on Vol.49 Issue 14 on April 29th, 2020