Meyerowitz Stories

When I pitched my idea of writing a review of The Meyerowitz Stories, I had not seen it yet. As soon as he heard the title, Andrew Wood, the Editor of the Entertainment section, started telling me about how great the movie was. I was glad to hear that, consider I am not usually a fan of Adam Sandler. Sadly, when I got home, I mentioned the movie to my father and he started ranting about how boring the film was, even though he is Sandler’s biggest fan. I was left quizzical, scared of being disappointed. You know what? I ended up liking the film!

I am the type of girl who loves romantic comedies, so I loved the fact that the movie included a little bit of romance, even though there could have easily been more.

I believe the actors captured the family spirit very well. Take for example when they are sitting around the table: some people are getting up every two seconds to bring something to or get something from the kitchen, while others are cutting each other off to talk. What family isn’t like that? Mine is, anyways.

As for family dynamics, the three children each have a complicated relationship with their father. Yet, through their difficulties, they were always there for him; buried deep underneath all the hatred was some love. Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, and Elizabeth Marvel, as the three children, captured this perfectly.

Structure-wise, I like how the film was cut into different stories, just like indicated in the title. The transitions were sometimes abrupt and unexpected, but were still well done.

I thought the swearing and mini-movies within the film somehow pulled me away from the original stories, but other than that, I enjoyed the film. I recommend it to everyone!

Noemi Blom
Office Manager

Originally published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 05 on November 8, 2017