Motivation versus Discipline

Image Source: Flickr

Maxine Louie
Office Manager

We are constantly told to do what we want, to enjoy what we do, and to stay motivated. But nobody ever talks about what really happens when that motivation fades. Especially right now, more than ever, motivation is getting harder and harder to come by for some. We are always either at home, maybe on a little walk around the neighbourhood, or excitedly going out for essentials.

We know we need to finish this semester strong, we are so close to the end; particularly those who are graduating this semester. However, to get that work done and to get past the finish line is very hard. The monotony of our days blending together, and we often do not even know what day of the week it is anymore.

Our motivation stemmed from the drive to change, to move forward, to see progress. But now, here we are. At home for school, at home for rest, at home for food, at home for workouts. The categorization that we had created is gone, everything its place and every place its thing no longer applies. As much as we may not think it matters, our brain works like this. The separation and classification has a huge impact on our psyche.

This is the moment our motivation wanes and our discipline has got to grow. Our discipline is what we create for ourselves to keep us moving forward. It is the structure and the rules that keep us from stopping. Discipline is the part that we do not enjoy, but it will be what gets us on track.

Learning to discipline ourselves during this time is the most important skill we could learn. We do not know how long the quarantine will last, how long we will be restrained to staying at home, but day by day we will get through it.

Little things to keep yourself in check: make a to-do list, prioritize your tasks by deadlines and importance, create a routine, do not stray from your routine, do not press snooze, wake up, get changed, make your bed. Although they may not seem like much, these tidbits can be what make all the difference to you.

Originally Published on Vol.49 Issue 14 on April 29th, 2020