Mouffin and the League of E-Girls

Sebastian Socorro

Literature Editor

The Boston Uprising, one of the 20 teams in the Overwatch League, just can’t seem to catch a break. Disregarding their shaky performance in recent times, they’re also gaining an unfortunate reputation for signing-on questionable players.

            All the way back in April of 2018, halfway through the Overwatch League’s inaugural season, Boston terminated the contract of one of their damage players: Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez. This was after allegations came about from two girls (one 14 years old and the other 16) that Sanchez had sent and solicited nude pictures from them online. He was 21 years old at the time (though he told one of them he was 20), and he even offered to buy the 16 year-old a plane trip to California (where he lived), though she refused. An investigation made by Blizzard Entertainment and Boston Uprising management concluded that these allegations were true, and he was subsequently absent from the Overwatch League.

            This year, Walid “Mouffin” Bassal is the subject of Boston Uprising’s disdain. Rumours about this recently-signed Canadian-Lebanese damage player were going around for some time, but they came to a crescendo this March. On the 28th, the Boston Uprising Twitter account tweeted that they had learned of the allegations, they were beginning an investigation against him, and they were suspending him from matches until they came to a conclusion.

            The first of the incidents was when Bassal sexted and sent nude pictures of himself to a girl going by the name “uwukaylee”, who he supposedly met when she was 17 years old. Bassal pointed out that they were both Canadian (he’s 20 years old), and claimed that he only sent those images two weeks after kaylee’s 18th birthday. However, this remains a grey area, and “uwukaylee” turned out to be a bored man in his late 20s who was seeking easy gifts.

            In his next venture, after flirting with numerous “e-girls” on twitter, Bassal set his sights on a Twitch streamer known as “KhaleesiBB”, and the two chatted on and off for months. Khaleesi, who also operates the alternate account @KhaleesiNSFW to provide more provocative content for her fans, is one of the many female streamers on the platform who use their appearance to draw in an audience and make money online. Bassal paid for her to attend Twitchcon at the end of last year in an attempt to grow closer, but she spent most of the day with someone else they met the same day, and allegedly slept with them. This may seem like a strange episode to mention seeing as he didn’t really do anything illegal, but Bassal included his recounting of this in his apology/explanation response (which is around 4 500 words long) as a justification for his eventual point. At this point, many of the “e-girls” he had previously flirted with began coming out with screenshots of their conversations. Very few of these screenshots have actually been made public.

            Throughout this whole ordeal, Bassal also met a girl he only refers to as € in his response. He claims they met two weeks before her 18th birthday, and though she lived in Germany they upkept a healthy relationship. Rumours of inappropriate pictures sent at inappropriate times came about as more and more screenshots popped up, and Bassal has stated that at this point he was panicking because his family kept pressuring him to follow through with the arranged marriage in Lebanon they had been planning for three years.

It was during this time of panic that the investigations reached their conclusion, and on April 4th the Boston Uprising officially terminated his contract. They announced it with a tweet, and though the response was mixed (some praised the team’s management for the decision, some claimed they had known about it all along and done nothing), the vast majority of the public were against Bassal. Memes immediately sprang about Boston’s apparent history with pedophiles and the competitive Overwatch community was quick to put him in the same boat as DreamKazper.

Two days later Bassal tweeted out a link to his apology, which many saw as overly long and full of details that weren’t entirely necessary. In this response he recounted everything that led to the termination from his point of view, and ended it with an explanation of where he is right now. To quote: “I need to commit with the arranged marriage, if I don’t I’ll just keep on hurting more and more people around me to the point where I won’t have anyone, thank you to the friends that tried to talk me out of the arranged marriage but honestly, I can’t get out of it without throwing my entire life away, and at that point i’ll have nothing, and there’s no more time to try anything.” In the end his justification seems to be that he did all of those things out of desperation (he was trying to find someone to spend his life with to avoid being forced into the arranged marriage), and he believes dropping it all to accept the arranged marriage is the only way he won’t disappoint his family.

Here’s hoping that this is the end for the Boston Uprising’s strange streak.