Need Help In English?

Image Source: Susan Liu

The Writing Centre

Nathaniel Saad
Sports Editor

We all have those assignments. The ones we think don’t matter and leave to the last minute. Book reports, reading responses, essays…you name it! The majority of us see these as burdens or tasks designed to add weight to the already colossal workload towering over us (as we students know all too well). As teenagers, we are masters of procrastination, so it’s no surprise that we end up with so much work to do at once. But here’s the thing: almost every JAC student is required to take four English classes throughout their CEGEP education. Whether it’s a poetry, modern literature, or Shakespeare class, we will have papers that need to be written using the intricate and complex realm of art that is the English language.
That’s where the Writing Centre comes in: a room filled with computers, resources and dozens of capable students taking a class specifically designed for tutoring and helping people with their assignments.
Located in P-109, the Writing Centre will always have tutors during school hours. These students are selected by English teachers throughout previous semesters and recommended as Writing Tutors. They are trained for the first four weeks of the semester and then sent out to the Writing Centre to personally assist anyone who needs help. Whether you have an essay to write, a book report to do or just simply want some assistance with your English class throughout the semester, the Writing Tutors are going to be there for you. Naturally, they won’t write your paper for you, but the Writing Centre is nevertheless a strong resource designed to help you. Students helping students; what more comfortable way to learn?

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 07 on December 4th, 2019