Andrew Wood
Entertainment Editor

I’m a big fan of the indie band “Vampire Weekend” and I am also an even bigger fan of their frontman “Ezra Koenig”, I find him to be a very versatile and very funny person, so when I heard he was developing an animated series for Netflix called “Neo Yokio”, I was extremely excited. I was dumbfounded when I heard it was going to be an anime, animated by the studio “Production IG.” As a big (albeit picky) anime fan I was intrigued by what it was going to be; and now that it is out, I could not be happier with the finished product.
“Neo Yokio” is a series starring everybody’s favorite tweeter, Jaden Smith, voicing “Kaz”, “Neo Yokio’s” Number 1 most eligible bachelor, who comes from a long line of demon slayers. Though to be entirely honest, this is the most irrelevant part of the series. “Neo Yokio” at its core is one big joke, and it very much treats itself as such. The humour is self aware and
intentionally awkward, the animation is entirely stilted and choppy on purpose, and throughout the entire show there are nothing but subtle references to anime of the past and western pop culture.
If you like awkward, self-aware humour and need something to kill two hours while also having a great time, I could not recommend “Neo Yokio” more. At only 6 episodes long, the series knows fine well not to overstay its welcome. Check it out. You can catch “Neo Yokio” on Netflix now.

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