New York Bombs

Isabel Shaw

There were several separate bomb incidents over the weekend in New York City and New Jersey.


One exploded on Saturday in Seaside park, New Jersey. A Marine Corps charity race was being held but an issue with registration caused the race to be delayed, so nobody was injured. The device was three rudimentary pipe bombs wired together with a cell phone timer. Only one of them functioned properly.

Later that day two bombs detonated: the Seaside bomb and the more widely broadcasted Chelsea bomb in Manhattan. The latter was hidden beneath a dumpster which was projected across the street. 29 were injured but all were released from the hospital by Sunday. The Chelsea bomb was oddly constructed with a pressure cooker, aluminum powder, ammonium nitrate, and a rare ignition system. Analysis suggests that it was made by someone with a higher-than-average skill.

On Sunday, a backpack containing multiple Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) similar in appearance to the Seaside bomb was found in an Elizabeth train station wastebasket. Robots were dispatched to eliminate the threat, a mistake was made and the bomb detonnaded. Nobody was injured.

Sunday at 8:45pm, the FBI detained five Elizabeth bomb suspects on a Brooklyn bridge. Their car held a number of weapons and bomb making supplies. Allegedly, they were heading towards the airport. Authorities officially believe the attacks are ISIS terrorism.

The prime suspect for the New York bombings, Ahmad Khan Rahami, was apprehended Monday in a shootout in which he and two officers were shot non-fatally. Police have not said how they came to suspect Rahami, but it was well known how much they pored over the security footage.

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