NHL Goalies

Who Is the Greatest of All Time?

Robert Ziukas (Hockey Insider)

The Best NHL Goaltender of all time.

To be the last line of defence for a hockey team is the most important job in the sport. Today, I will make my arguments for who the best NHL goaltender of all time is.

When it comes to records, Martin Brodeur is on top. With the record of most wins and shutouts coupled with three Stanley Cups is just a legendary feat. However, New Jersey was a very defensive-minded team. As solid as Brodeur was, his job wasn’t about keeping his team in games they had no business being in.

Ken Dryden is also in the same situation. Although Dryden has the best winning percentage and six Stanley Cups, he was on one of the best NHL teams of superior hockey players in the 1970s Montreal Canadiens. So his importance wasn’t the only reason that team succeeded.

When it comes to importance, Jacques Plante is the most important goaltender in the history of hockey. He invented the Mask. Every goaltender to play the sport since owes Plante an enormous amount of respect. He also won six Cups with Montreal. However he’s another keeper that had a dynasty in front of him.

The goaltender that has stolen game after game for a team has been Patrick Roy. The 1986 and 1993 Montreal Canadiens had no business winning cups those years. Every time they needed a big save, Roy would be there. No other goalie could have won cups with those teams. That’s why Roy is the best goaltender of all time!

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