Image Source: Pixabay

Logan Macdonald
Procrastinator Editor

A large, torn open bunker, the light of the blistering desert sun tearing its way into the darkness. Somehow the bunker is lightly filled with water, enough to make a moat around a small steel island in a warped ring of the steel prison. Trapped. Trapped on the outside of the moat. I feel the cold of the steel against my hands as I slowly back away from the center, pushing with my legs and keeping balance with my hands. Pushing myself away from the figure in white robes on the island. I try to climb my way out into the desert, still somehow keeping my gaze on the figure who begins to slowly get up from her sleeping position. I claw at the steel wall but there is nothing to grab. I turn away from the figure to look at the wall and see no means of escape. I turn back around, she’s two inches from me. Her skin, sheet-white, her eyes missing, a head without hair, a gentle smile on her light purple lips. I stare at her and I can feel her stare back at me. Something begins to cut her face horizontally, a razor wire, coming from the island. A new figure begins to crawl across the water, her long black hair floating on the water. She touches the steel shore…

Wha!- oh… it was another nightmare. Jeez… I guess it’s kind of normal by my standards but at least it was new… I finally have new material.

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 07 on December 4th, 2019