Not Procrastinating

Anagabriel Trevino
Staff Writer

Look at me
At the bags beneath my eyes
At the 23rd hour of my waking day
All I do to keep my worries at bay
At the coffee that I drink
the notes I take
The money I make
Whatever much or little is at stake

Look at me
About to break
Trying to fake
Results of time I didn’t take

I laugh at me
If I make it I will pride myself in saying
“like the night before”
If I don’t I’ll use
The same words
As an excuse

I take the night’s abuse
I lie, I have no excuse
I couldda
Done this
In daylight’s company
But hey that’s just me
Being as any teen should be

I make a silent promise to myself
Never again to lose
to become a recluse
hiding behind a screen
until it’s too late to redeem
the minutes you watched turn to hours
you tell yourself it was beyond your powers
you were watching wall flowers
anything to keep you from working
pretending to be rehearsing
smelling the flowers as you walk
pretending to have a meaningful talk
looking at magazines and 6 second videos
all the light and the fights of movie scenes
all the places to go and the club scenes
it doesn’t have to be
anything nearly as cool
or an epiphany

get off your ass
type up words
to the beat of the clock
take that class
you will pass
work that pen
on your desk
take the time, then unwind
you will find that
in the funniest section
of youtube is not nearly as fun
as knowing you’re done.

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