Nutella Lovers Can Rest Easy

Nutellabar Coming to Montreal

Kevin  Caspler-Inglis (Contributor)

You may have heard about what sounds like the best idea ever fathomed for a bar that opened up in New York City: a Nutella bar. Yes, a Nutella bar. Wrap your head around it for a second. A bar that serves exclusively Nutella products. It sounds too good to be true, but the iconic hazelnut spread-themed bar opened up in New York’s Eataly this May. Now here’s the even better news: If you don’t have the means to take a trip down to NYC in the near future to sample this revolutionary restaurant for yourself, don’t worry. The openings of two Nutella bars right here in Montreal
have been announced!

“Eatella”, as the bar has been named, will open its doors first in Laval come December, and the second location will open up in 2015 on the east side of Mount Royal on Docteur-Penfield Avenue. MTL Blog managed to get hold of the owners of the soon to be sweet tooth haven and got a breakdown of what will be on the menu. They’ll be serving up magical dishes such as Nutella pizza (OMG), Nutella crêpes, Nutella cheesecakes, and of course, Eatella being a bar, alcoholic Nutella beverages are not left out. Sounds like the tastiest way to get hammered. When discussing the menu with MTL Blog, the owners kept it on the down low, so it’s still a surprise for customers come opening day, but supposedly, we can expect over 60 different decadent Nutella themed options.

Eatella can expect to turn out some huge profit, given how many Nutella lovers like myself are out there, especially in such a culinary, gourmand filled city. Combined with their fairly respectable supposed price range (considering the sweet, chocolaty spread on the menu) of 11 to 19$, they can expect people to be doing a lot of spending. So Montreal Nutella lovers can start getting excited to indulge in their favorite hazelnut spread with fellow sweet tooths in a restaurant made just for them.

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