Obituary: Élisabeth Soubry, Arts & Culture Editor

Élisabeth lived a very happy life – always cheerful and full of nice things to say, she was the one to go to if you needed a hug. Her family was what she cherished. However, there was one thing she loved above all: DOGS.

A few weeks ago, she was taking a stroll in the park with her dog and entire family, when she noticed the smallest puppy lying on the ground. As the pup was still, she ran to it, where she noticed it was no longer breathing. “Everybody, STAND BACK. I’m goin’ in.” That’s when she performed CPR on the puppy. Unfortunately, as soon as she rested her lips unto the dog’s, she felt odd. Because leftover poisoned berries remained on the puppy’s mouth, the slightest touch had killed her.

Élisabeth will be greatly missed (and so will her recipes).

The deceased

The deceased

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