Our Staff

Come visit and learn about our wonderful family of editors and staff!

Dylan Masson
Jake Jasko
Assistant Editor-in-Chief
Jake Jasko is all the bad parts of Reddit.
Shitty Poetry
Breanna Carpenter
Production Manager
Marc-André Lavigne
Assistant Production Manager
Contrary to popular beliefs linked to his future career, he doesn’t eat donuts, but he sure does drink a lot of coffee. Marc-Andre is proud to be part of the team, and most of the times will want to write for opinions.
Rachelle Eldar
Entertainment Editor
Music fanatic, occasional poet, and the team's most entertaining editor... well, if not, then at least the loudest. Rachelle has been in charge of Bandersnatch's entertainment section since fall 2014.
Anagabriel Trevino
News Editor
Natalie Delmonte
Arts & Culture
Qinru Zhang
Sports Editor
Maxime Vitale
Science & Tech Editor
Camille Pigeon
Procrastinator Editor
Matt Buchanan
Andrew Wood
Office Manager

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