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Maxim Vitale
If he cannot be found shilling Bandersnatch to his friends (and then getting immediately roasted by them), he is representing the club at the student Congress (again, only to be roasted by the student representatives). Crippled by an obsession with Supreme merch and highly overpriced watches, Max finds time to do everything but properly manage the newspaper - Written by the Assistant Editor-in-Chief, who Max pawns everything off to.
Connor Sin-Chan
Assistant Editor-in-Chief
When he's working hard on something, it means that he's probably procrastinating just as hard on some of the (way too many) other things he's involved in. Between, sleep, studies, and trying but failing to have a social life, Connor thinks that Bandersnatch is definitely one of the highlights of his John Abbott College career.
Kyle McRae
Production Manager
You'd think that someone who works for the school newspaper would have better sentence structure... but Kyle's just full of unexpected surprises. Also, here's his absolutely necessary Spotify playlist plug: TUC and Roll. Favorite word: banger.
Assistant Production Manager
Andrew Wood
Entertainment Editor/ Webmaster
Rawan Al-Adhamy
Sports & News Editor
Future journalist, Rawan's hair game is always on point, so is her French. Ra wan, no two no three.
Young Seo (Dani) Yu
Arts & Culture Editor
Hailing from South Korea, Dani brings all the freshest Spongebob related content to Bandersnatch. If she can't be found doodling on the newspaper's whiteboard, then spot her at one of the many cafes around Montreal, sipping on some hot chocolate. Excessively smiley and usually pretty cheery, Dani also basically lives at John Abbott, staying late to study in her natural habitat, the HEPS department.
Virginia Rufina Marquez-Pacheco
Science & Tech Editor
Camille Pigeon
Procrastinator Editor
Rathuja Sivasubramaniam
Opinions Editor
Rathuja thinks, therefore she is.
Defne Veral
Campus Life Editor
Isabel Shaw
Social Media Manager
Krista Manantan
Tasked with organizing Bandersnatch’s archives, Krista has an intuition for “finding books” that makes her a natural librarian. Obsessed with all things Asian, she also has a passion for learning languages. Despite her secret wild side, in future she hopes to fit the Filipina stereotype by becoming a nurse, so long as she can surpass her greatest foe: Chemistry.
Amaani Ansar
Office Manager

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