Over the Garden Wall

K.B. Smith (Staff Writer)

Over the Garden Wall is a miniseries created by Cartoon Network’s Patrick McHale. The show centers around two brothers, Wirt and Greg, as they find themselves lost in the unknown. The two brothers must find their way back home with the help of the irritated bluebird named Beatrice and a woodsman, who warns them of the oncoming danger, known as the Beast. The series is a dark fantasy adventure with excellent humour.

Elijah Wood, Christopher Lloyd, and Tim Curry are among the voices featured. While the show is meant for children, many adult themes seem to be apparent. The show is as witty and dark as it is playful and childish. It contains beautifully detailed animation, a complex storyline and a few clever references, such as to Alice in Wonderland. While the show does cause some confusion in the beginning, the plot is fully rounded by the final episodes. However, the pace may take some getting used to.

Cartoon Network has created a masterpiece; it’s one of their best shows in a long time. It has something for everyone. It’s also only 10 episodes, each spanning 11 minutes long, and each minute is worth it. Overall, the show is a great example of modern animation and deserves high praise for its storyline inside a ten episode arc. If you have some extra time, I suggest watching it with a few friends. You won’t regret it.

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