Peanuts Movie

A Flashback to the Classic Charlie Brown Adventures

by Élisabeth Soubry
Arts & Culture Editor

Jumping up the ranks at the box office, the success The Peanuts Movie had in theaters adequately represents the history and anticipation for the first feature film in thirty-five years.

In keeping with tradition, the script was written by Schulz’s son and grandson, Craig and Bryan Schulz. I can assure you that this movie is definitely worth the watch. Though the average age group in attendance in the cinema was around six years old, this movie is definitely something for everyone, rife with humour that people of every age group are able to appreciate.


Not only do the computer-animated characters hold true to the hilarious facial expressions and clumsy movements of the treasured comic strip, but the creative representation of all these cherished personalities is so entertaining.

Through the epic rendition of the childish struggle of having a crush, The Peanuts Movie presents Charlie Brown through his highs and lows, from loser to hero and back again. This trip down memory lane brings viewers back to a time when all they had to worry about was the little red-haired girl next door.

Parallel to this, Snoopy lives an adventure of his own, pulling out all kinds of tricks while writing the journey of the Flying Ace. The simplicity of the plot coupled with the outstanding animation makes for a great outing, with family or otherwise.

This masterpiece is one that will certainly become as iconic as the treasured Charlie Brown Christmas.

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