Perfect Illusion


Alex K. Silverson
Staff Writer

The Super Bowl is undoubtedly the most anticipated event in sports in the US every year. Fans gather around their televisions to watch the two best teams compete for top place. However, for some people, the Super Bowl isn’t even about the actual game, but actually about the halftime, which showcases the best musical act around. This year, the tough job of fulfilling the hungry expecations of millions was given to Lady Gaga.

With the Super Bowl organizers shelling out a reported 10M$ for the show, the eccentric singer has kept her plans under high guard. As the night rolled along, the anticipation rose. As the camera focuses on the singer on the roof, you can feel the energy rising as soon as she hits the first few notes. As she jumps from the roof, the crowd wildly applauds.In typical Gaga fashion, the dancers are hitting the poses on cue with the music in the background. Delivering every note perfectly, as expected, the show was a perfect cacophony of her hits, spewed out one after the other in one of the most transcending and groundbreaking manner possible. Pulling at our heartstrings towards the end of her set, she showed what a true artist she really is.

Gaga definitely left her imprint on Super Bowl history. Following her act might be more than just a challenge; it may require a show to take place in space to top her.

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