Is this an O,
Or is it a zero?
Is this an l or is this an I,
You’ll come to see it’s just a trick of the I.

Is this a h or is it a four,
Is this a b or is it a d,
Well, it depends on how different you see,
And I don’t think you quite know anymore.

Is it lead or is it lead?
That depends on the manner you read,
Because lead can be lead instead,
Really, it’s all in your head.

Is it wind or is it wind,
The answer will differ, you’ll come to find,
The difference between minute and minute,
Can really be quite minute.

The world is confusing, the world is strange,
Where everything and nothing is subject to change.
In the end, you and eye,
Won’t always see I to I.

No matter how much you rage,
The answer will always change.
So tell me, is this an M or a W?
Oh, the answer, if only you knew.

Gabriel Tam Dumais
Staff Writer

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 6 on November 22, 2017