Political Update

Lucas Galand
News Editor

The past few weeks have been extremely interesting as voting day approaches. Here is what the parties have been up to:

Liberal Party
The Liberal Party has been in hot water recently for cancelling the monetary compensation they promised to the indigenous children who were sent to residential school. They stated that they need more time to properly manage the details.
Trudeau has also been attacked by his opponents for using two campaign plains instead of a single one, though he has since defended his choice. In the debate on Monday, he maintained his pro Canadian jobs stance, as well as his environmental plan.

Conservative Party
The Conservatives have also been unpopular lately, due to their campaign promise to reduce our foreign aid budget by 25%. Andrew Sheer, the party leader, was also criticized for having dual citizenship with the United States, though he is now in the process of revoking it.

Singh has been viewed in a more positive light. In Montréal recently, he was confronted by an elderly gentleman who made some unkind comments regarding his turban, and even his political opponents have approved of the way he responded. He also fared well in the debate, scoring several good points.

Green Party
The Greens have been climbing slowly, as the climate becomes a larger issue for the majority of Canadians. In Monday’s debate, Elizabeth May sided closely with Singh, who is also very pro-environment. She was in the West Island on Tuesday as well, as part of her campaigning tour.

Bloc Québécois
Despite having very few candidates outside of Québec, the Bloc has managed to gain momentum. Their main interests focus around Quebec of course, especially its independance.

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 07 on December 4th, 2019