Procrastinator Danger!

Camille Pigeon
Procrastinator Editor

Hey guys! So we’re now on our fourth week of the winter semester, and things are already going at full speed. Assignments are piling up, test are popping up, and the amount of stress is climbing higher than Mount Everest. You may think I’m exaggerating, but you have no idea what issues a procrastinator faces every night. Let me tell you a story to prove my point.

This past weekend, I was sick with a cold to the point where I was knocked out for most of it. On Sunday night, I finally decided to wake up and do my work. I had known for awhile that I had a Humanities essay due Monday night, and I had barely started. Finally, I looked at the rubric and realized that it had to be 1000 words and was 15% of my final grade. At that moment, I realized I was screwed. So I did what procrastinators do best: BS’d it as much as possible and finished it as quickly as I could.

Things are going by so quickly that procrastinators are in danger.

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